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Flower wall art – never out of style

Flower prints are always in style – due to their versatility. Which flower wall art print is right for you depends entirely on your interior style. Different types and colours of flowers convey different feelings and moods. For example, the warm yellow of sunflowers goes perfectly with a rustic decoration. If you want to follow current trends, you can opt for a magnolia print. These give every room an elegant touch. If you prefer the classic look, you cannot go wrong with still lifes – they look particularly authentic as a canvas print. Whether shabby chic, Scandinavian or minimalist style, every living room can be decorated with flower prints. Filter our assortment by interior design styles, art movements or colours to find the right flower wall art for your home.

Flower prints – works of the masters and the modern age

Flowers are a part of nature that has always fascinated artists. Their beauty has inspired many famous painters: Van Gogh, Renoir or Klimt are just a few of them. As a canvas print, the works of these masters look as if they have been painted and are therefore particularly authentic. Even in modern times, flowers have not gone out of fashion and so you will also find many photographs among our flower designs – for example, the works of Steffen Gierock, which take on a special depth as an acrylic print. So, take a look around: is your home modern or traditional? Minimalistic or rustic? Choose the right flower wall art for your home, maybe a flower print on canvas or on acrylic.

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