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What to know about our door posters

Open the door and turn on the lights for our high-quality door posters! Explore our stylish posters for your doors, giving each room its own unique entrance. They’re available in sizes of 90 × 200 cm or 100 × 215 cm. Shop colour-brilliant door posters, printed on premium paper, with us at Posterlounge. You’ll find a curated selection of designs that enable you to give your doors the speediest of makeovers. This way, each of your rooms gets the entrance it deserves.

Our door posters are affordable and high-quality. Plus, they’re delivered rolled and securely packaged, so you can easily attach them to the door of your choice as soon as you unpack them, simply by using poster strips. The result is a sharp, vibrant print with a glossy finish that makes both classic and contemporary artworks stand out.

Print on 250 g/m² premium paper Print on 250 g/m²
premium paper
Maximum colour brilliance and high UV resistance Maximum colour brilliance
and high UV resistance
Elegant look with 3 mm wide white border Elegant look
3 mm wide white border
Sent rolled and safely packaged Sent rolled and
safely packaged
Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Environmentally friendly ink Environmentally friendly ink
Print on demand Print on demand

If your walls are too small, already covered in decor or you want to lend a theme to your rooms, door posters are perfect. Our selection of designs covers a diverse range of styles and art movements, offering versatile design options no matter which room it’s for – from the kitchen or bathroom to the living room, nursery, bedroom or beyond. Whether you want to give your kitchen a culinary touch with spice-themed designs or hang a door poster with adorable animal friends in the nursery, your imagination and creativity will face no limits.

You can create a particularly calm aura for the bedroom by using pastel-coloured designs or inspirational sayings. As door posters, these lend a harmonious feel to the room.

One of our employees recommends our door posters

Door posters can transform inconspicuous doors into essential decorative elements with a huge presence... Yet with minimal effort.

Divina – Posterlounge Team

Door stickers – an alternative to door posters

✓ Print on self-adhesive film (170 g/m²)

✓ Maximum colour brilliance and high UV resistance

✓ Satin-like finish, special surface feel

✓ Easy to stick on, easy to remove

✓ Sent rolled and safely packaged

Material recommendation door sticker
Print house areas – Posterlounge

Posterlove by Posterlounge

Our own art print house manufactures each product specifically for you, on ordering. This means that you receive a unique and carefully crafted door poster and that we also consider our environmental impact. Once the production of an order is complete, each product undergoes a quality check. Only then is your door poster rolled up and securely packaged to embark on its journey to you.

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Frequently asked questions about door posters

Frequently asked questions about door posters

  1. What is a door poster?
  2. Suitable doors
  3. Mounting
  4. Material
  5. Border
  6. Custom border
  7. Size options
  8. Mounting location
  9. Delivery
  10. Delivery time
  11. Indication of copyright and artist
  12. Durability

Our door posters are designs printed on paper that is perfectly formatted for your doors. This allows you to conjure up even more individuality in your home – without mentioning your walls! The print colour reproduction is brilliant, and we use high-quality premium paper in art-print quality.

Premium paper
An example of a door poster

Our door posters are suitable for doors that measure 90 × 200 cm and 100 × 215 cm and have a smooth, even surface. Panelled doors, doors with decorative profiles and doors with visible elements made of glass or other translucent materials are generally not suitable for door posters. Doors with textured surfaces are also not the ideal base.

Clean your door of dust and dirt before affixing a poster. The door handle should also be removed before sticking on the poster. Then apply double-sided adhesive strips to the back of the door poster. In our online shop, for example, you can order tesa Powerstrips®, which are perfect for hanging or affixing posters and door posters. To ensure proper adhesion, we recommend attaching sufficient adhesive strips to each side of the poster.

Attach the door poster to the door, starting at the top and aligning the positioning to the edge of the door. Use a sharp utility knife or similar to cut out the recess for the door handle and check that the handle fits well into the gap. Use your hands to smooth out any unevenness and press the door poster firmly against the adhesive strips to guarantee a secure hold. Replace the door handle at the end. Enjoy your new, neatly fitted door!

Affixing your door poster – step 1
Affixing your door poster – step 2
Affixing your door poster – step 3
Affixing your door poster – step 4

Our door posters feature designs printed on high-quality 250 g/m² premium paper, with an art-print quality, lightly glossy finish. We use high-quality UV inks from Canon for a long-lasting and vibrant colour result. The raised ink application adds to the elegant effect.

We print our door posters with a 3 mm wide white border. The border is included in the size specifications. This means that in the case of a door poster measuring 90 × 200 cm, the actual design measures 89.4 × 199.4 cm and is elegantly framed by the white border.

Door poster with 3 mm white border
Door poster with 3 mm white border

No, you can’t order a door poster without the 3 mm wide white border.

Our door posters are available in two different sizes, namely 90 × 200 cm and 100 × 215 cm.

Our posters for doors are ideal for indoor use. We suggest only applying the door posters in dry conditions. The humidity and moisture in wet rooms such as the bathroom can cause the paper to curl. For rooms with increased humidity, we recommend our self-adhesive door stickers. Our door posters are not suitable for outdoor use.

Your door poster is rolled in paper to protect it from bumps or scratches and transported in a shipping tube. This ensures that your door poster arrives at your home without any creases or tears, and you can therefore stick a perfectly uncreased product to your door.

The door poster is rolled and safely packaged
Door poster packaging

We print your door posters on demand. This means that we manufacture each product specially for you and you do not receive stock items. At the same time, this means that we only print the door poster once we have received your order. As such, the order usually takes one to two working days to be ready for dispatch. You can find information about the expected delivery time on the product page or in your shopping cart.

You will notice a small amount of text with the names of the artists on the bottom left of each of our prints. This way, you can always check who the creator of your favourite design is.

At Posterlounge, you not only have the choice of classic designs from the annals of art history, but you can also find fantastic works by contemporary artists who are breaking new ground in the field of photography, painting or illustration. We are proud to collaborate with such a talented community of artists, so it is natural for us to reflect the efforts of their work by displaying their names. Apart from our appreciation for our artists, there are legal reasons to label the artworks with the names of the creators.

Name of the corresponding artist on the print

Since we use UV-resistant inks for our door posters, the brilliant colour result will last for years and there will be no fading. However, it is important to ensure that the door posters are not constantly exposed to direct sunlight.