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Want to decorate your home with an elegant, modern canvas print? Here you can discover current trends and classic designs for every taste, in many sizes and in the highest quality. We regularly add new products to our range, so you’re always on trend. Canvas prints are not only a great wall decoration, but also a popular gift. Navigate through our fantastic selection of subjects, filter by format, size or style, and buy your favourite canvas print today!

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What to know about our canvas prints

We print our canvas art on premium canvas made from a high-quality cotton blend. The densely woven material makes the canvases resistant and therefore very tough. The silk gloss surface is particularly durable and easy to care for. At the same time, the high-contrast colour application ensures brilliant print quality. This is how we ensure that the colours on our canvas prints don’t lose their luminosity, even years later. Since we consider sustainability to be of great importance, we use environmentally friendly UV inks for printing on canvas and only produce on demand to save resources.

In our shop, you’ll find canvas prints in different sizes and formats, ranging from mini to extra-large, from panorama prints to square formats – simply choose the print size that suits you and your home best. Our canvas prints are hung on stretcher frames made of solid spruce wood. The sturdy frame and built-in wall mount enable you to hang the images on your wall quickly and easily.

In short, we provide top-class quality at the right price. See for yourself and scroll through our handpicked assortment!

Printed on cotton-mixed fabric (360 g/m²) Printed on
cotton-mixed fabric (360 g/m²)
Painted look with canvas texture Painted look
with canvas texture
2 cm thick wooden stretcher frame 2 cm thick
wooden stretcher frame
Ready to hang Ready
to hang

Art prints on canvas

Want to add a touch of culture to your own four walls? Then take a look at our classic works of art, available to buy from us as canvas prints.

Pieces of art that were originally painted are ideal candidates from printing on canvas because an art print on canvas looks especially high-quality and tasteful. No matter whether it’s ‘The Kiss’ by Klimt, Monet’s ‘Haystacks’ or Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, our prints bring the world’s museum masterpieces into your living room.

Canvas prints for your living room

Our canvas wall art will bring a breath of fresh air into your living room. The cotton structure and the high-contrast colour application create a paint-like look that brings our images to life. Not only does this appear refined and high-quality, but also creates a feeling of cosiness and warmth – our canvas prints are therefore the perfect means of creating an inviting living room.

There are many ways for you to integrate canvas prints into your living room. Why not position the images centrally, to catch the eye? Or choose the motifs to match your wall colour? You could even create a cosy seating area with several thematically coordinated canvas prints. There’s a perfect picture for every purpose, regardless of whether you’re looking for silent, calming forests, cheeky animal faces or simple dandelions.

Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Wooden slats with the FSC® stamp Wooden slats with the FSC® stamp
Print on demand Print on demand

From the African steppes to the urban jungle of New York right through to Marilyn Monroe’s bright white smile, our wall art ranges from beloved to breath-taking. It’s important for us to offer you a wide choice, because we believe that the right canvas print can not only make your walls more beautiful but also express your personality.
So why not play with different designs, sizes and frames? There’s no limits to your imagination! At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide the atmosphere you want to create with our art.

And if clean lines in your living space are more to your taste, then check out our acrylic prints! The simple, smooth finish of this material is particularly suited to photographs, giving every living room a modern flair.

One of our employees recommends our canvas prints

The pictures by the old masters look particularly authentic as canvas prints!

Lisa – Posterlounge Team

Framed canvas prints

Of course, you can simply hang your canvas on the wall. But if you prefer to stage your favourite piece of canvas wall art properly, we recommend ordering it with a frame. The paint-style look makes canvas prints appear very stylish and high-quality, but adding a picture frame further enhances it, rounding off the look. We use floater frames for our canvas prints. These are particularly suitable for highlighting the plasticity of the canvas prints. This is because there is a gap between the image and the frame – referred to as the shadow gap. This provides a strong depth effect and leaves the printed edges slightly visible.

With our picture frames, there is not only a choice between different models, but also between a variety of colours. This means you can match the frame perfectly to your home furnishings. We pay close attention to quality. Our picture frames are made of solid wood or aluminium and we take care of the framing by hand. You can order the frame alongside the image while shopping, saving you the effort of searching for something suitable yourself.

Print house areas – Posterlounge

Handmade by Posterlounge

We set high standards when it comes to the quality of our products and the service we provide. The fact that we produce our own images on canvas – and here in Germany, no less – helps us to meet these demands. The in-house production makes it possible for us to meet your individual wishes: we can print on demand, frame the canvas prints ourselves and then deliver your desired image to your home in a matter of a few days.

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Frequently asked questions about canvas prints

Frequently asked questions about canvas prints

  1. What is a canvas print?
  2. Advantages
  3. Assembly
  4. Material
  5. Weight
  6. Delivery time
  7. Possible use
  8. Wall mounts
  9. Sustainability
  10. Cleaning
  11. Mounting

A canvas print is a printed fabric (canvas) that is stretched across a wooden frame.

Front side of a canvas print
Rear side of the canvas on a wooden frame

The textile structure is the main characteristic of canvas art, as it is this, together with the rich, high-contrast colour application, that gives them their high-quality ‘painting’ look. One big plus is that the textured surface does not reflect, so canvas prints are suitable for any wall, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Our prints on canvas are stable, durable and relatively light. In contrast to many synthetic materials, they are quite robust and the natural materials are pleasant in a home setting. The colours are also light and wipe resistant.

The stretched wedge frames create a beautiful spatial effect. Your canvas prints come ready to hang and don’t require a frame – but if you wish, you can finish your print with one of our premium floater frames.

We produce all the canvas prints ourselves in our production facility in Leipzig, Germany, in three steps:

  • First of all, we print your image on large canvas rolls and cut them out using a high-performance cutter.
  • Then we construct our wooden stretcher frames from individual pieces of wood that is FSC®-certified, so that we can flexibly combine 20 × 20 cm to 120 × 180 cm in 10 cm increments.
  • Finally, we put each piece of canvas on a suitable wooden stretcher frame and fix it with a tacker. For large formats, this step is done purely by hand and we may use intermediate struts or slats to stabilise it. For smaller formats, our team uses a machine to precisely fit them onto the frame.

Of course, we check the quality after every production step, so that you get a high-quality and error-free canvas print.

Printed canvas
Assembling the wooden stretcher frame
Fixing the canvas
Finished canvas prints

Our canvas material consists of a 360 g/m² cotton/polyester blend, which has a wonderful textile structure, like a real artist’s canvas. When combined with the colour application, the woven surface looks brilliant and very lively.

All the stretcher frame struts are made from spruce and carry the FSC® certification for sustainable forestry and our Canon inks for canvas printing are of course also certified for use in homes and offices.

They’re relatively light. For example, a canvas print measuring 100 × 100 cm weighs approx. 2,4 kg. Hanging them up and moving them is therefore very easy, above all with the supplied wall brackets.

Since we only manufacture on demand, we usually require two to three working days for the production steps in our own art print house. Finally, we will pack your canvas securely and send it to your home via one of our reliable shipping companies.

Our canvas prints shouldn’t come into contact with running water and should not be hung in damp rooms such as bathrooms, as the wooden stretcher frame and fabric can warp due to the high levels of humidity. However, if you hang your print in a toilet or a small guest bathroom with ventilation, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also wipe down your canvas with a damp soft cloth to clean it, which will not damage the surface.

Yes, we provide one or two wall mounts on all our canvas prints, depending on the size. This means you can hang your prints on the wall with minimal effort. The canvas print wall brackets are clamped in or hammered in firmly under the stretcher frame and hold securely. So, all you need is a nail or a screw on the wall to attach the bracket. Since the prints are relatively light, you can usually hang them without any need for assistance.

Canvas print wall bracket
Canvas print wall bracket

Yes, we value sustainability when it comes to our canvas wall art. It’s important to us that we know where our materials come from, so we source all components – from the canvas to the wooden stretcher frames, to the floater frames – from responsible, long-standing partners.

The spruce wood which our stretcher frame struts are made from, for example, is produced carbon neutrally in Germany, sourced from European forests and is certified by the FSC®, which stands for sustainable forestry. In contrast to other technologies, Canon’s eco-friendly UV inks have the advantage of not containing solvents.

In general, we do not waste materials, since we produce all our prints on demand, i.e., only after your order has been placed. We also reuse undamaged parts from returns where possible.

Dust and light dirt can be removed with a feather duster or with a soft, damp cloth. Don’t worry, the prints are smudge-resistant, but don’t rub too hard on the canvas surface.

Please note that the inks we use are light resistant and do not lose their luminosity due to occasional dusting and cleaning.

We recommend that you first hold the canvas up against the wall to determine the perfect position. You can also ask someone for assistance, so that you can check the positioning yourself, from 2–3 metres away. Once you’ve chosen your spot on the wall, mark it with a dot in the middle above the canvas. Then, on the back of the wall art, measure the distance between the top edge and the canvas print wall bracket (or the opening with the bracket). Mark this distance underneath the first spot you marked and put a nail or a screw into the wall here – and your canvas print is ready to be hung! For large format wall art, repeat the procedure at a second point, then at the same height as the two wall brackets.

In the event that the canvas or the wooden stretcher frame is slightly warped (e.g., due to transportation or because wood ‘works’ as a natural product and is exposed to changes in ambient environments), you can fix your wall art in place using a very small nail. To do so, simply hit the nail at a slight angle along the edge into the wall, so that the nail holds firmly against the edge of the canvas and presses this slightly towards the wall.

Gallery wall featuring canvas prints from Posterlounge
Gallery wall featuring canvas prints from Posterlounge