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Metal prints – robust and easy to hang up

Aluminium prints are just the right choice if you want to get the most out of your favourite motif. Not only photographers and art professionals appreciate the material, prints on aluminium are even used in art galleries and exhibitions. The interplay of discreet colours on the noble material does justice to the aesthetics of works of art and photographs. In addition, the slim appearance of the ultra-thin aluminium prints promises a noble gallery character that enhances every home.

The matt surface also prevents unwanted reflections and lends your aluminium wall prints an unobtrusive elegance. Using the latest UV technology, the inks are sealed and the print is permanently protected from external influences such as sun, moisture and dirt. So you are guaranteed to enjoy your new aluminium print for a long time to come.

Aluminium wall art with the wow factor

With aluminium prints, decide for classic understatement in your living rooms! The material is particularly suitable for discreet or contrasting motifs in large sizes. For example, skylines or urban and natural images look really beautiful printed on aluminium. Pay attention to the details! On photographs of cities, buildings in the background often look blurred. If you look at the picture from the side, the silhouettes will appear with a satin finish – a great effect!

Our tip: With our spacers you can create a unique free-floating impression. The distance between wall and picture offers space for your ideas. For example, you can illuminate your print on aluminium from behind – there are no limits to your creativity.