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Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet – the list of famous artists is long. Each one of them coined whole epochs by creating new elements of style. Thus, Gustav Klimt is regarded as one of the main representatives of modern art. His works not only influenced art nouveau but – by means of their planeness and abstract ornamentation – also paved the way for cubism and abstract art. Until today, Klimts paintings haven't lost any of their expressivity and impress with elegance, grace, and opulence. Don't forget to cast a glance over the works of the old masters. Travel through art history with us, from Renaissance to the present – and add a museum piece of art to your own four walls.

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New technical means give the young wild ones a lot of space to romp around creatively. This makes contemporary art extremely diverse, unconventional and exciting. And therefore, the works of talented contemporary artists enrich our range. Illustrations, Digital Art or collages are extraordinary focus points in every room and provide a distinctive atmosphere. Here, the world's best photographers exhibit their breathtaking nature shots. Be it photography or illustration, with or without effects – the works of our contemporary artists are true eye candy.