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What to know about our wood prints

Every single one of our wall art prints on wood is truly unique. The individual, natural wood grain combined with your favourite design for your wooden prints means that you get a truly unique piece. Our environmentally friendly print production retains the pleasing effect of the material, so our wood prints act as a natural accent in your home. And the good news is, you don’t have to live in a Scandi furniture catalogue for this to look great. No matter if your home features farmhouse, vintage or mid-century modern style, or even if it’s more modern and minimalistic, our wood prints still reveal their arty, natural beauty.

Thanks to their bright, natural texture, the birch wood panels are perfect for prints. The use of certified UV inks creates a bright, matte surface that is particularly colour-fast, durable and easy to clean. The plywood is carefully cross-bonded, so our wood prints impress with their lasting durability.

Consequently, our wooden wall art prints are especially suited to indoor areas such as kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms. Our print-on-demand process also means that the production of wood prints is an environmentally friendly process.

Printed on a 9 mm thick plywood panel Printed on a 9 mm thick plywood panel
Natural wood grain Natural
wood grain
Very light and sturdy Very light
and sturdy
Ready to hang Ready
to hang

Fine art prints on wood

If you are interested in an art print on wood, you’ll find a wide range of options in our portfolio. Pieces by Paul Klee and Gustav Klimt or Katsushika Hokusai’s colourful woodblock prints are some of our most popular choices and are truly charming as wood prints. Browse our repertoire and seek out your favourite work of art as a wood print – from landscape paintings and striking photographs right through to unusual illustrations and graphic designs.

But remember, it’s not just the piece of art itself that makes the wall art so special – the natural wood grain makes every print unique. We rely on environmentally friendly production and use real wood and colour-fast UV inks, so that your art print on wood lasts for a long time.

One of our employees recommends our wood prints

Wall prints on wood give your rooms a warm and comforting atmosphere.

Divina – Posterlounge Team

Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Wood from sustainable forestry Wood from sustainable forestry
Print on demand Print on demand

Natural designs combine best of all with our high-quality wooden panels. Consider images of beaches or coastlines, or floral designs such as dandelions or other flowers. Popular themes also include mandalas, sayings and quotes, or pictures of animals such as deer.

As an alternative to wood prints, canvas prints lend an exclusive, museum-like feel to your home. Printing on high-quality cotton fabric results in the authentic look of a painting – it’s as if you were standing in front of the original in the museum itself!

Print house areas – Posterlounge

Handmade by Posterlounge

From production to printing and framing, our products are exclusively manufactured and processed in Germany. Producing all our pieces in our own art print house means that we can ensure our high-quality standards are put into practice. Regular quality checks, close communication with our artists and personal contact with our customers are vitally important factors to our family business.

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Frequently asked questions about wood prints

Frequently asked questions about wood prints

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Our wood prints are made from high-quality birch veneer panels, which are printed with our designs using a direct printing process. This gives the images a bright, smooth and even surface that is especially durable and easy to clean.

Wood print detail
Rear side of a wood print

Our prints made of wood are produced in an environmentally friendly way. To this end, we source the birch plywood panels from certified sources and process the materials exclusively at our site in Germany. Our focus is on keeping our wood prints as natural as possible, which is why we do not use plastics in production.

Thanks to the natural wood grain, every piece we produce is entirely unique. The plywood layers, which are painstakingly glued together, also create a special look at the edge of the print. A wall mount is milled into the back of the piece, which enables you to hang your wall art very easily.

The wood wall art consists of a 9 mm thick plywood panel. A wood print measuring 100 × 100 cm therefore weighs about ca. 6 kg.

Our wood prints are created using a digital printing process with certified UV inks and are lightfast. The tough material is easy to clean, easy to wipe down and promises long-lasting durability.

Wood print in detail 1
Wood print in detail 2

The special thing about wood prints is the characteristic wood grain, which really transforms each print into a one-off piece. Our wooden prints are rooted in nature. We ensure that the birch plywood panels come from sustainable forestry. As soon as your print arrives, you can hang it up immediately using the recess on the back.

In principle, you can have any of the designs in our online shop printed on wood. However, images that have large areas of white are especially suitable, as the unique, individual wood grain is particularly prominent in these areas. Typography designs, images with large areas of empty space or natural elements also appear particularly impressive when printed on wood. The flip side is that small-scale designs, photographs with a lot of detail and very colourful illustrations or graphics are less suitable for printing on wood.

Wood print with typography
Modern wood print in the living room

Our wood prints are made of just one piece, because the design is printed continuously across the full surface of the wood. If you opt for one of our products, you will receive a complete wood print that you can hang up on the wall immediately, thanks to the eyelets on the back of the print.

Our wood prints are high-quality plywood panels made of birch veneer. To produce them, we use wood as a raw material, which is processed in line with the principles of sustainable forestry. The individual veneers are glued together with phenolic resin glue.

The unique, natural wood grain is the highlight of our wood prints. The wood grain is delicate, sometimes with small cracks and knots. All this makes the wall art prints unique.

Wood grain detail 1
Wood grain detail 2

Wood prints are only suitable for wet rooms in certain circumstances. Since wood ‘breathes’, high levels of humidity can cause images to expand or warp. Our wood prints are best suited to living rooms, kids’ rooms and bedrooms or hallways. You should only hang your wood print in the guest toilet or in the kitchen if you can ensure good ventilation. Regardless of the room in which the wood print hangs, you can always use a damp cloth to clean the tough, hard-wearing surface.

The inks that we use on our wood prints are very long-lasting. Thanks to the UV direct printing process and the high ink application, our print products retain their colour intensity for many years. In interior settings, the prints promise to last up to ten years.

Wood prints are ideal for interiors such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms or hallways. If you ensure good ventilation, the wood wall art prints also do well in kitchens and bathrooms.

During production, we add a recess (or eyelet) on the back of the wood prints for easy hanging. This is how you hang your wall art:

  • Hold the wood print up against the wall at the spot where you want it to hang and mark the wall right above it with a pencil.
  • Measure the distance from the top edge of the print to the eyelet and transfer the measurements to the wall. Now hammer in a nail or a screw.
  • After hanging up the print, you may need to straighten it slightly – and then you’re done!
Hanging wood prints 1
Hanging wood prints 2

When choosing wood, we pay great attention to the quality and origin of the raw material, so that our wall art always meets our quality requirements. Our suppliers source birch veneer plywood exclusively from ecological and sustainably managed forestry.

Our wood prints are particularly easy to clean and can simply be wiped down with a lint-free cloth. However, do take care not to hang your wood prints on walls with direct sunlight or in rooms that are too humid. This will help to keep the wall art dimensionally stable for a long time. Any deformations are often due to too high temperatures or too high humidity and disappear in another room with a different temperature or humidity level.

It is possible that the warping occurred because of changes in the room temperature or humidity. External influences such as too high humidity, too high temperatures or constant sunlight can lead to changes in the wood.

Our tip: slightly warped wood prints or protruding corners can be fixed with a small nail. To do so, simply hammer the nail into the wall at the side of the print.

If your wood print has warped significantly, contact us about the product and request a replacement. However, please check the conditions in your room beforehand.