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Atmospheric wall art for your bedroom

To make your bedroom a place that radiates comfort and energy, you should choose wall art with harmonious images. Feng Shui pictures, for example, can create a balanced mood. But the simple, unagitated style of black-and-white pictures also brings peace to any bedroom.

If you’re looking for fresh boost against morning grouchiness, our pictures with cool or amusing sayings will undoubtably put a smile on your face. Hang a selection of matching bedroom pictures, for example a composition of several framed posters, next to your mirror or above a chest of drawers to start the day with the right momentum.

If you wish to hang bedroom prints above your bed, we recommend a light material such as canvas. A large-format picture is best placed centrally above the bed, with about two handbreadths of space between it and the headboard.

The bedroom – a place of art!

In the intimate atmosphere of your bedroom, you can combine personal photos with works of art. ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli, ‘The Kiss’ by Klimt or van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ – the works of these great masters not only look good in the museums of this world, but they also unfold their effect as bedroom wall art in a unique way. Classic works of art look particularly high-quality and authentic on canvas, while modern photo images unfold an impressive depth effect on acrylic glass.

Bedroom wall decor are particularly well received in oversizes, especially large format canvas prints look elegant and engaging. When you hang your new bedroom wall art above your bed, you accentuate the central part of the room and make a statement at the same time!