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Pictures for the living room of your dreams

The choice of living room wall art needs to be carefully considered – after all, the room should suit you and reflect your personality. With the right picture, you can not only show who you are, but also create a certain atmosphere within your four walls. While abstract prints and acrylic glass prints exude modernity, canvas prints and pictures in a country style have a more classic and romantic effect.

There are countless ways to integrate living room wall art: position the pictures as eye-catchers in the centre of the room, choose prints that match your wall colour or create connections with thematically and colour-coordinated picture sets. Many of our living room prints harmonise perfectly with the trendy Scandinavian and industrial furnishing styles.

The all-round service for your living room

Nature themes are currently particularly trendy when it comes to living room wall art: dreamy, pastel-coloured landscape paintings make your living room look bright and inviting. Floral designs conjure up a touch of bohemian chic on your walls and modern landscape photographs bring breathtaking views directly to your home.

Whether a nature theme or urban design, you can have each picture framed directly by us. The handmade real wood frames make the prints look even more elegant. Contact our team if you are unsure which design suits your living room best, but also if you simply can’t decide. Our decoration and art experts will be happy to help you!

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