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What to know about our acrylic prints

If you’re seeking vibrant shades and elegant expressiveness, you’ve come to the right place with our acrylic prints. The modern material lends each design a unique depth effect and makes our prints truly eye-catching. To ensure you’ll be enjoying your favourite print for a long time, we use certified UV inks, which ensure perfect colour fastness, UV resistance and therefore long-term durability. But our acrylic prints don’t just look great, they’re also particularly easy to care for and stable, due to their smooth, resistant surface. And since manufacturing sustainably is important to us, we print on demand without solvents and in an environmentally friendly manner.

In our shop, you’ll find acrylic prints in all shapes and sizes: from mini to extra-large, panorama or square – simply choose the acrylic glass print that best suits you and your home. Images on acrylic glass always look extraordinary and tasteful at the same time, which makes them a great idea for a gift.

In short, our acrylic prints impress with their modern look and superior quality, all at a great price. See for yourself and click through our favourites.

Printed on a 5 mm thick acrylic glass panel Printed on a 5 mm thick acrylic glass panel
Bright colours with depth effect Bright colours
with depth effect
Easy to clean and stable Easy to clean
and stable
Wall mounts included Wall mounts

Art on acrylic glass – spanning timeless classics and exciting modernity

The originals may hang in the world’s most famous museums and galleries, but in our online shop you can still find great works of art from the last few centuries for your home. From Kandinsky to Van Gogh: our acrylic prints bring the works of the great masters to life. And whether you prefer impressionist, modernist or abstract style – there’s something for everyone.

Bring a timeless classic into your home and create your own gallery wall! When you choose an acrylic print, your piece of art is protected from dirt and moisture. This high-quality material enhances the colour intensity and lifespan of the prints, thereby providing a modern, timeless alternative to classic canvas prints.

Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Environmentally friendly ink Environmentally friendly ink
Print on demand Print on demand

Acrylic prints fit perfectly into bathrooms because the smooth, modern material stylistically harmonises particularly well with tiles. But acrylic glass also has very practical benefits. The acrylic art can withstand high humidity and direct contact with water, without any problems. This is of course a real bonus when it comes to the room in the house that always has the most taps! To add to this, acrylic prints can also be quite easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This means that you can simply remove water splashes, dust and light soiling with a simple wipe.

Have a browse through our range, find your favourite print and magic up a smile on your face every morning, with the perfect acrylic print!

One of our employees recommends our acrylic prints

Acrylic prints give your rooms a modern touch.

Lisa – Posterlounge Team

Gallery prints – elegant and robust at the same time

✓ Direct printing on acrylic glass

✓ Aluminium composite panel on the back

✓ Glossy surface with glass-like look

✓ Easy to clean and extremely sturdy

✓ Including wall mounts

Material recommendation gallery print

Acrylic prints with frames

A matching frame allows you to perfectly stage your acrylic print, since a frame can give a design a certain depth and feel. The design doesn’t only look high-quality and elegant, but also appears more present in the space overall. For example, our floater frames, named after the gap between the image and the frame, result in a strong depth effect and give images an incomparable vividness.

In order to match the frame to your acrylic print, we have different finishes and colours. If you choose one of our frames, you can expect true all-round service. In our frame manufacture, we produce our frames ourselves from solid wood and fit your acrylic art into the frame, by hand, after printing. And throughout, we pay close attention to quality. Thanks to the practical wall mount, you can quickly and easily hang your print. Our frames are perfect for you if you like to keep things simple, but still want it to be just right.

Print house areas – Posterlounge

Handmade by Posterlounge

We set high standards when it comes to the quality of our products and the service we provide. The fact that we produce our own acrylic prints – and here in Germany, no less – helps us to meet these demands through and through. Our in-house production enables us to offer print on demand, to frame the images for you, and ensure first-class quality. This way, your desired piece will arrive on your doorstep in just a few days.

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Frequently asked questions about acrylic prints

Frequently asked questions about acrylic prints

  1. What is an acrylic print?
  2. Plate thickness
  3. Printing process
  4. Advantages
  5. Material
  6. The difference to real glass
  7. Size options
  8. Non-listed formats
  9. Mounting
  10. Frames
  11. Cleaning
  12. Packaging
  13. Delivery time
  14. Indication of copyright and artist
  15. Durability

Acrylic prints are art prints that we produce on synthetic, glass-like material. As the artificial glass is made of PVC, there is virtually no risk of breakage – and the material is lighter than real glass.

Acrylic print in detail
Acrylic direct print

The acrylic glass plate is 5 mm and is printed from behind. This lends the acrylic prints depth. Please note that large formats are relatively heavy.

Our acrylic prints are printed on the back, in a direct printing process. To do so, we use certified, long-lasting UV inks that guarantee durability, bright colours and high resolution. In addition, we seal the printed back of the acrylic glass print with a white film or varnish.

Print on acrylic in detail 1
Print on acrylic in detail 2

Acrylic prints offer an exclusive glass look, and practically without the risk of breakage. They are slightly lighter than real glass, easy to care for and retain their brilliant colours for a long time. The water-repellent material is very suitable for damp areas. Our acrylic prints also have a remarkable depth effect thanks to the 5 mm thick plate, which combined with the back sealing, ensures a very fine finish.

Acrylic prints impress with their real glass look but are actually made of synthetic, glass-like material. The material is stable and easy to clean and there is virtually no risk of breakage – but it is worth noting, it is not scratch-resistant. Moisture makes no difference to acrylic prints, which means they are particularly suited to bathrooms or other rooms with high humidity.

Acrylic glass has a glossy finish and slightly reflects light. The 5 mm thick acrylic glass plate provides an impressive depth effect, whereby the image is printed directly on the back of the plate of acrylic glass – it isn’t simply a poster displayed behind acrylic glass. The printed side is protected with a white film or a layer of varnish. This means the images are opaque and are not suitable for backlighting.

Our acrylic glass weighs 6 kg/m² and is therefore relatively heavy but is still slightly lighter than glass.

Acrylic glass is slightly lighter than real glass. Unlike glass, there is no risk of breakage under normal circumstances. But it is not scratch-resistant.

You can select the appropriate format on the product page in our online shop. It’s best to measure the space in your home in advance to determine the correct dimensions.

No, we only produce acrylic prints in the sizes you can select on the product page. You can’t order other formats from us.

We will provide you with a wall mount for your print, which makes it quick and easy to hang. Instructions for this are included in your package.

Wall brackets
Wall mount for large formats – rail

Yes, you can order the matching picture frame directly alongside your acrylic print. We offer different frame types and colours.

We fit your acrylic print into the frame by hand and it is delivered to you ready to hang. All you have to do is unpack it and put it up on the wall!

It’s best to clean your acrylic print with just a soft cloth and warm water. Acrylic glass is not scratch-resistant, so it’s important not to use rough, hard, scratchy cloths or other objects to wipe them down. Do not use strong detergents or abrasive cleaning fluids to clean acrylic glass.

Cleaning with a feather duster
Cleaning with a soft cloth

We pack your acrylic print securely and deliver it with suitable wall mounts, which you can easily attach to the back using the enclosed instructions. And then you can hang your print! If you order your acrylic print with a frame, we fit it into the frame for you.

Acrylic print packaging
Wall mount for large formats

Since we print on demand to spare resources, our delivery times vary slightly depending on how busy we are. Current delivery times are displayed on the product page in our online shop. We do our best to ensure that you receive your acrylic print as quickly as possible, in great condition.

The copyright print is a legally necessary notice for the creator and producer of the respective print. But it’s a positive for you too, because then you always know who created it and can order further pieces by the same artist.

Copyright print

In enclosed rooms, our acrylic prints will last for years in perfect condition. To guarantee this, we use certified UV inks for printing and seal the back of the print with film or varnish.

Sealing on the back
Sealed back of acrylic glass