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The superior choice for glass wall art

This extraordinary material makes the difference. Acrylic is a transparent plastic, which combines robustness and real glass optics. Acrylic prints are one of the most modern processes in which the design is applied behind the acrylic glass plate. This creates glass pictures with brilliant colours and an impressive depth effect. The high-gloss optic makes the design not only shine but creates an elegant and modern ambience in every room.

But it is not only with our products where quality is of upmost importance, also excellent service is of great importance to us. We create your pictures not only as acrylic wall art, but on an array of different materials all, complete and ready to be hung, so you can mount your acrylic prints directly after unpacking.

Make a statement with acrylic prints

Acrylic glass is ideal for pictures with strong colours. Photographs of landscapes, for example, are particularly beautiful as glass prints. Also, underwater pictures profit from the plastic effect and look great as glass pictures. The glossy surface is generally ideal for modern designs. Acrylic prints look even more elegant in the frame, which you can easily order from us too.

With us you have a large selection of acrylic prints, which you can order online. Discover our colourful themed worlds and let yourself be inspired. In our wall art shop, you will find attractive and inexpensive sizes, whether it be from small to XXL, which will compliment and suit any space.