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What to know about our wall stickers

Had enough of white walls, but don’t want to drill holes? Well, with our wall stickers, you can forget about a hammer and nails – and the same goes for adhesive strips and glue, too! Just remove the film from the back of the poster and attach it to the wall. You don’t even have to choose a final positioning – our wall stickers can be removed and simply repositioned without leaving any residue. However, our wall stickers do not only impress due to their ease of use but also with their versatility and high-quality look. They can be applied to any smooth surface and can therefore not only decorate white walls but also spice up furniture and doors.

The wall stickers, in either rectangular or square format, are printed over the entire surface. You can choose your favourite image in a variety of sizes and formats and opt for an entire panorama on your wall with our extra-large wall stickers. The self-adhesive material on which we print our wall stickers gives each design a pleasant tactile feel thanks to its satin finish.

Minimalist, nature-based images in particular, such as flowers or beaches, benefit from the purist flair of our wall stickers. That said, more abstract themes such as mandalas and line art can also be integrated seemingly seamlessly into your space through choosing this material. Discover the perfect design for your wall sticker in our online shop now!

Printed on self-adhesive film (170 g/m²) Printed on
self-adhesive film (170 g/m²)
Satin-like surface Satin-like
Easy to stick on, easy to remove Easy to stick on,
easy to remove
Suitable for all smooth surfaces Suitable for all
smooth surfaces

Wall stickers: pure art

Art can be presented in an opulent, eye-catching way, but the combination of minimalist presentation and complex motif can also have an impressive effect. Our self-adhesive posters are the perfect way to harness exactly this effect. The artwork of your choice can be easily applied to the wall as a sticker and can thus organically blend into your wall decor.

With us, you can discover works of art from all eras and styles. No matter whether you prefer impressionistic, modern, abstract or realistic, our online shop has the right artist for every taste, from Monet and Van Gogh to Malevich and Klimt. Browse our shop and discover your favourite piece as a wall sticker!

One of our employees recommends our wall stickers

Wall stickers are the easiest and quickest way to decorate children’s rooms!

Bruno – Posterlounge Team

Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Environmentally friendly ink Environmentally friendly ink
Print on demand Print on demand

We work with a lot of great artists who are always creating beautiful new designs for children – this means that you will find the right picture for every age group, interest and taste in our online shop.

Of course, some of our wall sticker designs go down particularly well with the little ones: sweet animal drawings, cool world maps and elegant unicorns are particularly popular. But even if your child prefers to decorate their walls with dreamlike fantasy worlds, fast cars or the ABC, you’ll find the right wall sticker with us.

Posters – more popular than ever!

✓ Printed on premium paper

✓ Classy look thanks to 3 mm wide white border

✓ Environmentally friendly printing process

✓ Bright, UV-resistant colours

✓ Safely packed

Material recommendation poster
Print house areas – Posterlounge

Handmade by Posterlounge

We set high standards when it comes to the quality of our products and the service we provide. The fact that we produce our wall stickers ourselves in our art print house in Leipzig, Germany, helps us to meet these demands. This in-house production makes it possible for us to offer print-on-demand and send your wall stickers to your home without any further detours.

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Frequently asked questions about wall stickers

Frequently asked questions about wall stickers

  1. What is a wall sticker?
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  4. Material
  5. Mounting location
  6. Suitable substrates
  7. Size options
  8. Non-listed formats
  9. Reusability
  10. Removing the wall sticker
  11. Cleaning
  12. Delivery
  13. Delivery time
  14. Indication of copyright and artist
  15. Durability

Our wall stickers are self-adhesive posters that stand out because of how easy they are to apply – they can be easily affixed to the wall with no need for any hanging attachments. The printed wall stickers are made of a strong white film with a self-adhesive backing and adhere excellently to smooth surfaces. And the best bit? They can be removed again without leaving any residue.

Wall sticker in detail
Wall sticker with self-adhesive backing

Our self-adhesive posters are printed with pigmented UV ink and thus impress with their high colour brilliance and image sharpness. The designs are applied to the film using a direct printing process. The wall stickers are suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use. Indoors, they last for up to ten years, thanks to our high-quality UV inks.

Print on self-adhesive poster in detail 1
Print on self-adhesive poster in detail 2

Our wall stickers are easy to clean and can be easily applied to smooth walls, doors, furniture and windows indoors with their self-adhesive backing. The adhesive posters adhere very well to such surfaces and hold permanently, with no need for nails or screws. What’s more, our wall stickers can also be easily removed from your wall, without leaving any adhesive residue. This makes them very suitable for short-term use, for example in children’s rooms, student flat shares or rented homes.

We use adhesive film for our wall stickers which is self-adhesive on the back and has a slightly textured surface for a high-quality look. It is also strong and robust and can therefore be affixed without wrinkles. Affixing the wall stickers is a matter of child’s play and can be repeated several times, as they can be removed without leaving any residue. The wall stickers adhere very well to smooth surfaces with their adhesive backing. Glue or tape is not additionally required.

Thanks to the satin and semi-matt film surface, reflections and mirroring are reduced. The wall stickers are particularly suitable for indoor use. In damp or wet rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms, they adhere well to very well on smooth surfaces. In outdoor areas, for example on terraces and balconies, this adhesion can be reduced, as the wall stickers are exposed to the elements here.

Close-up of the material structure 1
Close-up of the material structure 2

Yes, our adhesive posters are also highly suited to smooth surfaces such as doors and furniture. They are only suitable for windows to a limited extent, as you would see the self-adhesive backing of the film – our adhesive prints are not transparent.

Wall stickers 1
Wall stickers 2

Our wall stickers adhere to all smooth surfaces – for example, walls, furniture, doors and windows. They even stick to rough surfaces such as woodchip wallpaper, to some extent.

You can choose the format of your wall sticker from a variety of different ones on the product page. All sizes are external dimensions.

No, unfortunately not. However, we offer you a very wide range of suggested formats. And you can trim your wall sticker to size yourself, if you wish. To do this, simply order your design in a larger format.

Yes, you can peel off the wall stickers a few times and position them elsewhere.

No, when the stickers are removed from a clean and smooth surface indoors, they leave no residue.

Our wall stickers can be reused several times. However, it is best not to reposition them too often, as the adhesive strength decreases with each repositioning. Always make sure that the smooth surface you want your wall sticker to adorn has been cleaned of dust and dirt before applying it. Then nothing stands in the way of re-attaching it.

You can easily wipe our wall stickers down with a soft, damp cloth. However, you should not use harsh cleaning agents or abrasive items to clean them.

For small sizes, our wall stickers are shipped flat in sturdy shipping envelopes and for larger sizes, rolled in wrapping paper in shipping tubes, to ensure they reach you without creases or folds.

Wall sticker packaging for small formats
Wall sticker packaging for large formats

As a rule, your wall sticker should arrive within a few working days. We specify the expected delivery times in our online shop on the product page and in the shopping cart. After we have dispatched the order, we will inform you of this by means of a dispatch confirmation. All our wall stickers are printed on demand – individually to order. This allows us to produce sustainably and you to receive your wall sticker hot off the press.

We present exclusive artworks by international artists, image agencies and licensors. We also express our willingness to collaborate with our artists and photographers, through the required reference to the original work. We thus protect our image suppliers and the Posterlounge brand.

Copyright print

Indoors, our wall stickers stay in place for many years. Outdoors, they adhere for a shorter time, due to the influence of the weather.