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Canvas prints with dandelions

The delicate dandelion is a perfect design for macro photography, the positioning of an object in front of the camera in such a way that the subject is depicted larger than normal and extremely detailed in the shot. Such detailed shots look great in our larger formats. Despite their size, they appear minimalist and are sure to make a statement, as only the design is in focus. If you order one of our dandelion wall art prints in an extra-large format, then canvas is the perfect material to order on. Canvas prints are light, meaning that even our larger formats can be hung with ease. For black-and-white dandelion wall art, we would also recommend our acrylic prints, as this material is sure to give your design not only depth, but also elegance.

Understated beauty: dandelions with water droplets

The beauty of nature can be seen in the myriads of tiny water droplets, which hang gracefully in the seed head of the dandelion whilst reflecting the light – such designs, and more, can be found in our hand-picked collection. You will quickly notice how subtly elegant nature can be. That is why our dandelion wall art will turn your wall into a real eye-catcher: minimalist illustrations with beautiful sayings, colourful watercolours and masterful photographs show truly how diverse this one flower can be. Discover the right dandelion wall art for you and purchase it for your home now.

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