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Line art posters – natural, elegant designs

In our shop, you will find an enormous selection of line art posters. One design that often recurs is the human body, the shape of which can be captured impressively in the simple curve of a line. Line art can make us look completely afresh at faces, hands and silhouettes. The female form in particular draws attention. In line art, it is often shown in sensual poses, yoga positions and even abstract interpretations. Line art artists also gracefully capture botanical or abstract designs in their line work. Many of the pieces are in black and white, but there are also beige, pink and blue tones in our line art posters.

Line art – elegant simplicity

Line art posters can be perfectly paired with prints in other styles, thanks to their minimalist, streamlined look. They bring calm and structure to colourful walls – especially if you decide to buy a set of different designs and create harmonious gallery walls. Buy your new line art posters in different sizes: 40 × 50 cm and 70 × 100 cm are particularly popular. It is worth framing these motifs – this way, they make an impressive impact and create an elegant feel in your home. We are proud that collaborating with our artists allows us to distribute such fabulous designs in our online shop. Browse our curated range and discover your new favourite posters.

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